Teach Your Imagination To Fly

“A cozy, kid-friendly approach to collaborative, creative, and innovative problem-solving.” — Kirkus Reviews

“As the morning sun tickled Chloe, she laughed and floated out of her bed. “Hey, Louey, what shape should I be today?” she asked, bouncing up and down in front of a full-length mirror.”

And so begins the story of Cloud~Named~Chloe and her guardian cat, Louey Among green hills and sweet lilacs, they find a grand adventure—to create an unusual gift that has never existed.
Their team is unique: blue rabbits Pom and Pima, wise spirit bears Ulima and Ray, a tiny creature named Abacus the 8th and many others. Together, they dream up something truly extraordinary. But can they create it? What secrets will Nature reveal? What journey awaits? What strange places will they visit?
Join them to find out!

Audiobook on Amazon Cloud-Named-Chloe and Her Cat Louey


This Audiobook is a story that will last.
Three and a half hours thoughtfully divided into 21 chapters, many ending at the end of the day on the adventure path. Curious to see the table of contents? Check the Paperback or e-book "Look Inside" feature.
*In some countries, Amazon offers an audiobook price discount to customers who already own the e-book.


Responsive e-book format allows you to set the font size and type.

Read on its own or let kids read along while listening to the audiobook.


This 8.5" x 8.5" edition is lovingly decorated with

40+ full page black and white illustrations for kids to color and add their personal touch to the story.
Hours of family fun reading and coloring.

What a perfect gift for loved ones to cherish for years!

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