Teach Your Imagination To Fly

Moxie  [ mok-see ] from
1.    courageous spirit and determination; perseverance
2.    vigor; verve; pep
3.    skill; know-how
There were times when humans could not speak.

There were times when humans could not read.
There will be times when generations look back at our era as humans who could not “……”
What is “……”? We don’t know yet. It is the skill of the future.
Let’s moxie up and help our children invent it!

“What a lovely way to introduce the idea of DNA and biology to kids 6+!” – MK

“As the morning sun tickled Chloe, she laughed and floated out of her bed. “Hey, Louey, what shape should I be today?” she asked, bouncing up and down in front of a full-length mirror.”

And so begins the story of Cloud-Named-Chloe and her loving guardian cat, Louey. Among green hills and sweet lilacs, they find a grand adventure—to create an unusual gift that has never existed. Their team is unique: blue rabbits Pom and Pima, wise spirit bears Ulima and Ray, a tiny creature named Abacus the 8th and many others.

Together, the friends dream up something truly extraordinary. But can they create it? What secrets will Nature reveal? What strange places will they travel to? Join them to find out!

In Numbers
•    21 chapters, each 5–10 min of reading or listening, ideal for bedtime! Curious to see chapter names? “Look inside.”
•    50+ full-page (8.5” x 8.5”) drawings for kids to color. Kids will enjoy adding a personal touch to the story to cherish for years.
•    3.5 hours of professionally narrated Audiobook. Immersive listening leads the imagination on adventure. Ideal to keep kids engaged when driving far 🙂

A balance of science, fantasy and blooming future

Science is beautifully woven into the story. With every turning page, the book’s heroes get to experience Nature and invent the future. Each chapter of this adventurous middle-grade chapter book adds something curios to the plot. Do you know who can go deep into salty oceans and freshwater lakes, yet lives on land and climbs rocks? Find out in Chapter XV. You might be surprised!

Add your love with colors

Each chapter is lovingly illustrated with full-page drawings for kids to color. Kids will enjoy adding a personal touch to the story to cherish for years, or perhaps generations.

Six words are holding hands, six words create adventure!

Success comes from methodology. The team’s path to their goal is guided by six “I”-named baskets each of a different color, size and shape, each emerging just when the team needs its help:
1.    Imagine
2.   Illustrate
3.   Illuminate
4.   Invite
5.   Integrate
6.   Inspire
Play with kids to imagine and draw their own basket for each story step.

Less competition, more cooperation

Cloud Named Chloe and Her Cat Louey skillfully unites problem solving with joy of life—all through delightful collaboration. No drama, no competition, just the search for knowledge, fun of teamwork, warmth of love, security of friendship.

There are no human protagonists in the story—which makes it easier for kids to bond with a character they find closer to their heart. And there are plenty to choose from! 

Written with love. Curious inhabitants of their Land of Berry Pies welcome you into their peaceful world to recharge, to dream, to create.

Paws and ears, whiskers and tails
    Trotting together along forest trails
        Along curvy bushes, along mighty trees,
            Across silver rivers to the turquoise sea.

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