Primary Emotions in the Book Plot. Authors A.I. ©

How can you know what emotions a book holds? Cheerful? Kid-friendly as intended? Who can compare it to thousands of other books? Oh all the questions… And then, by chance, the book met Marlowe, an artificial intelligence designed by Authors A.I. Marlowe is skilled at analyzing plots, characters and emotions. Within minutes, Marlowe replied: this book is happy – the mood is good! Now, the book can only hope the verdict of human readers will be as cheerful.

Characters' Personality Traits.

And what about characters? Would they appeal to kids hearts and minds? Can Marlowe analyze them too?
Yes, she can! And here is what Marlowe thinks: Annie, the mountain goat to travel with, is strong and agreeable; Ba, the owl who keeps the Code Keepers castle safe, is confident; and Chloe is happy. The kind of team which kids would love to join for a grand adventure. 

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