Teach Your Imagination To Fly

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Chapter 1

“What is that? Where is it coming from?” asked both Chloe and Louey at once, looking at each other quite puzzled.

Chapter 2

“Interesting, how interesting... a mighty project, I shall say. And every mighty project needs a plan. What’s your plan?”

Chapter 3

Their ideas list was growing and growing and growing… But how to choose which plan to try? Can’t try them all!

Chapter 4

Curiosity danced in bright Ray’s eyes. “I am intrigued! What an impressive goal to work on!” Ray’s voice boomed, “What are we waiting for?”

Chapter 5

And at last, the sitting pillows. Louey always believed that a comfy pillow was the key to creative thinking.

Chapter 6

“Hey, look there!” Chloe pointed to the base of the pyramid. “Something is hidden under a kitchen towel!”

Chapter 7

“Hmm,” said Pom, “we want our flying daisies to be able to dance… Which wings can dance in the air?”

Chapter 8

“Wait, what is this? Ray?” Pom turned his head to Ray and pointed his ear to the drawing.

Chapter 9

“Did I?” Chloe wondered. “Is not this Abacus the 8th of the Smarts, which grants him the great brain to create SymbioData, whatever this SymbioData is?”

Chapter 10

“Is it safe? Will I not fall through?” he asked anxiously.

Chapter 11

“Oh, my Dear Big Bear, you know that patience has never been her virtue... or even ours,” said Uli. “Let’s reveal our fourth helper-basket.”

Chapter 12

“It’s a good sign when the gateways here have wings!” thought Pom to himself, focusing his eyes on a large bird sitting on one of them.

Chapter 13

Another corridor, another set of doors, another feather to unlock the lock.

Chapter 14

“So, GiGi, what has your imagination brought to us this time?” asked Ba.

Chapter 15

There was a hopping sound high on the left, and then from the very top of the rocky path, two black-and-white specks began to hop down in Ba’s direction!

Chapter 16

“What happened?” Matt and Simon rushed down from the ingredients’ delivery wall.

Chapter 17

“Hold tight,” cautioned Annie. “I will be galloping fast! We have live cargo to deliver!”

Chapter 18

“Huh? Day after day after day?” echoed Chloe slowly. “How many days?”

Chapter 19

“Then what is left for us to do?” asked Chloe, sounding a bit disappointed.

Chapter 20

The day has come. The day of surprises.

Chapter 21

“Is it Chloe?” whispered Willow in disbelief. “But why is she glowing, and what is she carrying?”

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